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Web & Digital Marketing

VFX in Film Making

Game Designing


Web Design & Digital Marketing​

Delve into the core of digital excellence as we explore MySQL and PHP, unravel the intricacies of eCommerce development, and unravel the basics of digital marketing, including SEO and PPC. Gain hands-on experience and unlock the keys to creating dynamic websites, optimizing for search engines, and mastering the art of online promotion. Whether you’re a coding enthusiast, aspiring developer, or marketing maven, this day promises to equip you with skills that transcend boundaries. Elevate your proficiency and step into the future of web and digital mastery!

Transform your digital


VFX in Film Making​

Unleash your creativity as we demystify the world of visual effects, covering the essential techniques that bring imagination to life on the silver screen. Dive deep into the art of advanced compositing, where layers seamlessly blend to craft stunning visuals. Explore the secrets of chroma removal, unlocking the power to transport characters to fantastical worlds. From industry-standard software to hands-on demonstrations, this day is your passport to mastering the tools that redefine cinematic storytelling. Join us to take flight through the captivating world of VFX!

Step into the magic of filmmaking!


Game Designing

Immerse yourself in the fundamentals as we introduce you to the heart of game development – game engines. From unraveling the diverse types of game environments to hands-on exploration of industry-standard software, this day is your gateway to the dynamic world of game design. Unleash your creativity, learn the ropes of crafting immersive experiences, and delve into the latest industry trends that shape the gaming landscape. Whether you’re an aspiring game developer or a passionate gamer, join us and level up your skills in this captivating exploration of Game Designing!

Dive into the world
of Gaming

Frequently Aasked questions

Can I attend just one day of the master class, or is it mandatory to attend all three days?

While we encourage participants to attend all three days for a comprehensive learning experience, you are welcome to join any single day based on your interests and availability

Are there any prerequisites or specific skills required to participate in these master classes?

No prerequisites are required. Our master classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners to enthusiasts. Come with curiosity and a passion to learn!

Will there be hands-on activities or just theoretical sessions during the master class?

Absolutely! Each day includes a mix of theory and hands-on activities. Gain practical experience and apply the concepts you learn in real-time.

Is there a certificate provided upon completion of the master class?

Yes, participants who attend all three days will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing their dedication and newly acquired skills.

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